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Here you will find a number of powerful guided practices intended to be more than a few minutes of feeling good or momentary stress relief. They each address underlying patterns in specific life issues and struggles. They are intended to have a lasting impact and promote on going healing, freeing you from the paralysis that holds you frozen in that time and that place on these issues. Repeating them will increase and prolong the impact.

These copyrighted in-depth healing practices are aimed to give real value at a nominal price of just 5 euros’s to make them readily affordable for even the smallest purse. They are designed and intended to spark off some real deep releasing and dissolving of unhelpful ingrained patterns.

Practice 1

Healing Childhood Abuse

Practice 2

Healing Grief

Practice 3

Ending Loneliness

Practice 4

Overcoming Shame and Guilt

Heal Childhood Abuse

Sadly the impact of childhood abuse is often damaging and life changing. Whether the abuse is mental, emotional and/or physical, it can hold us frozen in that time and place. It can carry on affecting us into adulthood impacting on our relationships with our self and others and also how we perceive the world around us. Whenever anything triggers that childhood experience it places us back there in the emotions, beliefs and behaviours concerned.

This guided healing will reach into that frozen-in-time part of you and help free you up – allowing the experience to become just a memory and a story in your life, instead of an on-going living dynamic impacting your daily life on and on.

Healing Grief

We all are faced with grief. It may from the death and loss of someone important to us. It may from other kinds of losses and endings. It can be a real struggle to cope with the feelings and impact of loss and ending.

If we get stuck or frozen in the experience reliving it again and again we find ourselves gradually becoming more isolated. Or we hear; time heals all wounds. Others seem to become uncomfortable in our company because the emotions can be so devastating and confronting. But how can we deal with these strong emotions and the finality of it? That is what this guided healing takes you through.

Ending Loneliness

So many of us feel deep loneliness. Sometimes because we actually are alone in the world. Sometimes we are without any close and intimate relationships or friendships. Sometimes we are deeply lonely while surrounded by family, a partner and friends. This lonely feeling is inside us where we feel unconnected, and that no one really understands us or sees and wants who we really are.

Often there is also disappointment after disappointment behind us where we have searched and tried but repeatedly fallen back to this same place. Alone. It feels so empty and we just don’t get why we are lonely or how to change that. In this powerful practice the focus is on forging real and abiding connection.

Overcoming Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are heavy and dark emotions. There is a pervading sense of lack. We should be more or better. We should do more or better. Or be different and do differently. We can want to withdraw and hide away, not be seen in our shame. How can we show our face? I felt like that when my father cut me out of his will as if he had declared to the world in neon signs a mile high that I was unworthy. That cut deep.

In this powerful practice I will take you beyond the sense of lack. I will help you overcome the sense of lack and free you from this heavy darkness.

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