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Outcomes and Processes of My Coaching Program “Relationship Reset”

Program Overview

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Introduction to our 'Relationship Reset' Program

Outcome 1

Dissolve self sabotage programming

Outcome 2

Identify the underlying core root issue causing your relationship problem

Outcome 3

You will learn how to bring more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want into your relationship.

Outcome 4

Go from victim to champion

Outcome 5

Judgment free

Outcome 6

Dismantle your core belief

Outcome 7

Rediscover your partner

Outcome 8

Find balance being true to yourself while committed to your relationship and partner.


The Relationship Reset; Reset your relationship with your partner, yourself and your life is the culmination of a lifetime journey of discovery and transformation. Using 25 years of experience in coaching and mentoring, this program uses the best and most effective techniques and strategies to take you step by step to the relationship that you dream of.

So what is the program about?


Dissolve self sabotage programming

You will receive distance activations of your energy that will help you break through and dismantle any self sabbotage patterns you may be holding – or rather – thay may be holding you! The activations will also help you gain (deeper) access to the vast well of information, wisdom and creativity that resides in you. The activations will be an integral part of the weekly live session. (You are of course free to decline the activations should you so wish).

Identify the underlying core root issue causing your relationship problem.

Using your story detailing the most pressing problem you are facing and most want to resolve we will delve through the layers and discover the underlying core issue. Your story will give all the information needed to identify the underlying core issue causing it. Once identified we will work to break open and clear that root cause freeing you from the hold it has on your relationship.


You will learn how to bring more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want into your relationship.

We will identify the dynamics of cause and effect using your own story. This will bring clarity to your problem. Seeing these dynamics clearly is in itself freeing. In addition to that you will become aware of what you do now and the way that relates to what you don’t want in your life. You will also learn how you can bring more of what you do want into your life. You will be empowered to take changing steps making lasting changes in your relationship.

Go from victim to champion

We will investigate instances of feeling a victim. We will look at decisions and choices that were made in the situation by the people involved. We will also delve into our innate freedom to choose how we will respond. Looking into the subject of choosing we will also discover in what way your present situation has been the best possible place for you to be up to now but also how you can stop being stuck there!


We will look into how being judged affects you. We will discover the ways you have adapted your behavior, choices, goals and life because of these judgments. We will discover what you need to be freed up from the effects of this judging so that it no longer impacts you ending the struggle to be good enough – smarter – better. In so doing bring peace into your relationship.

Dismantle your core belief

What we believe colours and filters our experiences. The main issue you want to work on and resolve is strongly affected by what you believe. Using a simple exercise you will experience how easily our thoughts create situations and also how easy it is to change the inevitable sequence of events by changing our thinking about them.

Core beliefs are generally unconscious and automatic. Again using your story we will discover the underlying root core belief. We will sympathetically dissolve it.


Rediscover your partner

In the first romantic flush of excitement our new love delights us. Then as the relationship develops, the interactions trigger all the hidden beliefs and automatic survival techniques of both. We often have deeply held mostly unconscious beliefs about what a relationship should bring us and what a partner should mean for us and our lives. These are the triggers of relationship problems because most of us have no idea they are even there or that they are nuggets of potential freedom, joy and love if we just knew how to open them up.

What we have learned in the first modules make it possible to now do just that. We can now look at our partner anew. If we no longer are full of expectations, demands, needs, insecurities and wants that we lay at their feet they are no longer a constant disappointment making us angry and dissatisfied. We can see them as the one we originally met and fell in love with and appreciate them again just for who they are now.


Find balance being true to yourself while committed to your relationship and partner.

Fine tuning now and becoming true to and intimate with yourself. To love another and share love you have to love yourself first and foremost. Then you can let it overflow on to your partner and your relationship together. Owning and taking responsibility for your needs wants and desires takes the weight off of your partner and takes away the filters through which you saw them. There is space and freedom now to be together and enjoy both your individuality and the togetherness.

A reminder of the impressive list of change from my client I called Colin:

  • I am more aware of how I acted up to now, in particular regarding taking the victim position
  • I am more open about myself towards others
  • I set out on the road to truthfulness and out of hidden and clandestine behaviour
  • I dare to discuss deeper important questions regarding myself – and actually do so
  • I am opener to myself about myself
  • I try to be less strict towards myself and be less self destructive
  • I procrastinate less
  • I am more able to take a stand in matters that concern me; I respond with words and actions instead of complaining
  • I have learned to look at my own reflection more than ever before
  • I have found acceptance of who I am which was only possible by meeting myself face to face and reconciling with myself
  • I am now able to express my boundaries in a very good way
  • I am milder, more spontaneous and I have really grown a lot
  • I have had deep and spiritual experiences under Kathleen’s guidance
  • I have finally been able to commit to my partner and move in together
  • I feel I have come a long way and am able to travel further without guidance now


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